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Monday, July 17, 2017





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  2. For some reason I cannot hear any sound. Unless there is no audio however it would be interesting to learn if you are combining fundamental and technical analysis together and maybe some Bollinger bands. Personally I trade news most however the best method I've found when avoiding high impact news is 5min candles with Bollinger bands. Always trade off the bottom or top barriers no more than 6 candle sticks in that particular time frame. Avoid news time when doing this though.

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  5. Forex trading includes a dealer shopping for and promoting unique forex pairs. Such pairs include the eur/usd or the euro greenback and the us dollar and the gbp/jpy or the british pound and the japanese yen. There are a extensive range of various foreign money pairs or crosses that you can alternate. Just like investing in stocks, forex trading includes either buying or selling a currency pair with the notion that it's going to both pass up or down and you may profit based totally on the rate you obtain at and through how far it movements.
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