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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Use these parameters
MACD 11 12 1

Exponential moving average 5 close, 13 close, 34 close

The direction of the 34 shows the direction of the trend. 34 is pointing up - trend is up, 34 is pointing down - trend is down.

If the 5 is crossing above or below the 34 the trend is maybe changing.
If the 13 is crossing above or below the 34 the trend has changed.

If Macd is crossing the zero line you take a trade in the direction of the Macd. But check the moving averages to see if we are in an up pr in a down trend to confirm the direction. The crossing of the Macd and the 5 and 13 over the 34 will help to trade with the trend.

I use it on 5 min with EUR/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD

Hope you like to have a look and set up your chart to discuss this strategy. It gives some good signals and it will be possible to make daily profits.

You have any ideas to make it better or any comments?


  1. seems complicated but ill settle with it and study it wella.Thanks bro.

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