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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Winning Binary Option System

Making it in Binary Options Trading is not a do or die affair. You don't need to buy software that fails you. You don't need a programmed auto trading robot that circulates all over the internet.
On the bid to make it on Binary Options, I have spent lots of money online buying books, softwares, Expert Advisers(EA's), Custom Indicators. I even had to sign up under a fake affiliate link with the promise of one software turns your 250usd to 2000usd plus in a month all on autopilot. I borrowed money, signed up under the said affiliated broker in other to maximise my money. After the sign up and deposited, the software got activated automatically. Well I thank God because the said software neither added any penny to my deposited 250usd nor debit my account.
I deactivated it and I never gave up util I found this Winning Binary Option System.
This is just one out of the two KISS(Keep It Stupid Simple) systems I use to turn my account around from 250usd deposit to what it is today. I've not come here to write a sales page rather I've come to tell you to stop wasting your time on useless binary options trading indicator that leaves you worst than how it met you.

Life time access to the indicator plus a 10,000usd demo account on binary options trading. Your indicators won't work on your MT4 until the company activate your mt4 from their backend. So don't be carried away the indicator can't be shared. All you need to do is to send this company your installed mt4 number, its from this number that the indicator will be activated.
If you are not satisfy with the result on your demo account then yoy can make a withdrawal of your deposited money.
I'm addicted to making money with this indicator. CLICK ON THIS BANNER BELOW

Friday, April 18, 2014

How to install custom indicators in MT4 build 600

You might just be wondering what's MT4 build 600? Don't be confused, I was also confused some time back. If you're a novice like me, all we do is to download MT4 platform and use without bordering about its name.

The formal MT4 we were used to was called MT$ build 509. As most of you know, metaquotes has update Metarader 4 to build 600. Build 600 brings about massive changes from the previous stable version of build 509. For example, trade execution time has been reduced because MT4 terminal does not have to establish a second connection with the broker’s MT4 server in order to send trade orders.

With such improvements there has to be changes within the internal directories of MT4.
Your indicators will no longer install the way you used to
This guide will show you exactly how to install them in the new build 600++

3 steps to install your custom indicators into MT4 build 600

Step 1 – Go to file –> Open Data Folder (note you must follow this step, this is not the same as going to C:\program files\MT4 terminal. You will see in step 2 that the directory is stored in C:\users\your name\appdata\roaming\Metaquotes\Terminal…)


Step 2 – Double click on MQL4 –> double click on Indicators

Step 3 – Paste the .ex4 file into the indicators folder (don’t paste other file types such as .mq4 – MT4 build 600 cannot read the old MQL4 language. If you only have .mql file, download the .mq4 to .ex4 compiler here
That’s it! Restart your MT4 terminal and you will see your custom indicator appear!

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I'm dedicated to your internet money making ability. When you fail to try, you will be set back watching those who are making it. Take a step today, get your fingers burnt and learn from your mistakes. I will rather make it from my failure than be living a poverty. You can never be wealthy working for someone.

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